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Since its founding in 1984, the "Noubikko" brand and trademark is owned by the Noubikko Corporation. In 2020, as part of the Designer's consolidation program, the Brand and all its trademarks were acquired by RPConnect, Corp.


Noubikko as a company is responsible for developing the trademark through a network of licensees.


A licensee is a partner bound to Noubikko Corporation by a contract that gives it the right to manufacture and distribute products with the "Noubikko" label or name affiliation within a specified territory.


Noubikko Corporation does not sell License Partner's items or products directly but manages the trademark and licensee.


Noubikko Corporation assigns particular importance in protecting the trademark, which is registered for each category in all the territories or countries concerned. It is continually monitored by a competent network of staff specialists in order to guarantee licensees' uncontested use.


Interested parties who want to License the "Noubikko" trademark, please contact us. We will arrange a program that is exclusively made for your business to help you maximize your products.

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